{FD} Iran nuclear deal drives wedge between US and France

The presidents of the United States and France both addressed the United Nations General Assembly for the first time on Tuesday, and both took divergent views when it came to the 2015 nuclear agreement reached between five U.N. permanent members and Germany.

{FD} Inside Syria’s Idlib, where poor and desperate civilians are selling their limbs and organs

In Idlib province in northwestern Syria, deemed the last government stronghold in the conflict-butchered country, civilians caught in the crossfire of escalating poverty and hopelessness have resorted to selling whatever they can to survive – including body parts.

{FD} Why Russia props up the dangerous North Korean regime

As North Korea continues to develop a nuclear weapons program, threaten the U.S and neighboring countries, as well as starve and enslave much of its population, the regime of Kim Jong-un continues to receive an increasing amount of both public and private support from Russia.

{FD} ISIS still stealing, spilling and smuggling oil throughout Iraq

Despite being recently defeated from their major strongholds of Mosul and Tel Afar in Iraq, and it being more than two years since Iraqi forces specifically sought to retake oil-rich areas from ISIS, militants belonging to the terror faction are continuing to steal, spill and smuggle crude oil from Iraqi oil fields as a means to wreak havoc and fund their spluttering but slimly surviving campaign of terror.

{FD} Inside Iran: Western tourism a growing government money-maker

The once notoriously enigmatic country of Iran is experiencing a steady but significant boom in Western tourism despite being hit with hefty monetary sanctions, detaining several Americans and having its nuclear ambitions and support for criminalized militias constantly thrown into question by the international media.

Conservative student transfers out of BU because of death threats

Nicholas Fuentes, an 18-year-old who attended the Charlottesville, Virginia “Unite the Right” rally this past weekend, said that despite the intensity of the backlash he has since received, he has absolutely “no regrets” about taking part in the controversial movement.

As US close to victory vs. ISIS in Syria, Al Qaeda takes territorial control

While the U.S-led fight against ISIS in Syria is inching closer and closer to victory, the worst may not be over as Al Qaeda-linked militants continue to make strong advances and maintain territorial control in the north-west of the war-shattered country.