{FD} Dylann Roof asks court for new lawyers, says race makes them his ‘political and biological enemies’

Convicted killer Dylann Roof has requested that new lawyers be appointed for his federal appeals case, saying the races of his current ones make them his “political and biological enemies.”

{FD} Ohio murder mystery: Member of Rhoden family charged with destroying evidence in massacre probe

In a major development in the year-long murder mystery of the Rhoden family, authorities have charged a family member with tampering with evidence, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine announced Tuesday afternoon, marking the first arrest in the investigation.

{FD} Fresno rampage suspect’s timeline of alleged crime spree included 3 days of voodoo

The man accused of killing four people in Fresno this week allegedly provided police a detailed timeline of the murders, began a life of crime when he joined a gang at 9 years old and blamed white people for getting him hooked on drugs.