{FD} North Korean prison camps stopped reporting deaths under Kim Jong Un, ex-prisoner claims

Kim Jong Un forced officials to stop reporting deaths at North Korea’s notorious prison camps, according to the claims of a former prisoner, who also detailed the hard labor, bribery and torture inmates endured inside the Hermit Kingdom's detention centers.

{FD} North Korea could test ‘array of ballistic missiles’ before end of the year, South Korea spy agency says

South Korean spy agencies fear North Korea may fire an "array of ballistic missiles" before the year's end in a bid to show it's strength and deter the United States and its allies from further interference in Pyongyang's nuke and missile programs.

{FD} US nuclear general says would resist ‘illegal’ Trump strike order

Amid rising nuclear tensions with North Korea and concern over the potential for war, the top U.S. nuclear commander said on Saturday that he would resist President Donald Trump if he ordered an “illegal” launch of nuclear weapons.

{FD} North Korea on ‘aggressive schedule’ in developing ballistic missile submarine, report says

Kim Jong Un’s regime is pursuing an “aggressive schedule” to construct its first operational ballistic missile submarine, an analysis of satellite images indicated as North Korea scoffs at international condemnation and moves to complete its missile and nuclear program.

{FD} American man who tried to enter North Korea from South wanted to help resolve tensions, officials say

An American man who was detained by South Korean officials for allegedly trying to cross the mine-strewn Demilitarized Border on Monday — the same day a North Korean soldier defected to the South there — said he attempted the trek to help resolve the Korean Peninsula crisis, officials said.

{FD} North Korean soldier who defected to South Korea at DMZ was shot 5 times, military says

A North Korean soldier was shot at least five times as his comrades unleashed dozens of rounds at him during the man's desperate dash to defect at the Demilitarized Zone on Monday, the new details painting the escape as a more harrowing effort than what was initially reported.