{FD} Rodrigo Duterte ‘insulted’ by Trudeau’s drug war comments, tells Canada PM to ‘lay off’

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said he was angered and insulted on Tuesday by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's comments about the Philippine government's war on drugs, which has earned widespread condemnation for leaving thousands of suspects dead.

{FD} Hawaii ‘lost sailor’ is making up parts of survival story, Taiwanese official says

An American woman from Hawaii -- who's been dubbed a “loopy lady” by Taiwanese media -- is not telling the truth about her interactions with a fishing boat from the country, its Ministry of Foreign Affairs says, pouring even more cold water over her tale of survival in the Pacific.

{FD} Aussie Parliament loses 8th legislator in citizenship crisis

An independent Australian senator who is British by descent has become the eighth lawmaker to leave Parliament in recent months over a 116-year-old constitutional ban on dual nationals running for office that threatens to bring down the government.

{FD} US, Niger teams visit site to learn about soldiers’ ambush

The U.S. Africa Command says it has sent a joint team with the Niger military to the village of Tongo Tongo to investigate the Oct. 4 attack by extremists that left four American and four Nigerien soldiers dead.