{NX} Responsibility Does Not Require Options

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Responsibility does not require options but it does require possibilities.  Therefore, responsibility does not require an act of choosing.  Responsibility without choosing requires navigation.

navigation: the pursuit of a possibility while alternate possibility is available for pursuit; (One does not see possibility as option but they do see it as possibility.  After pursuit of a possibility, one then sees it as a past option.)

Human Choice and Healthy Innate Cognitive Dissonance

“Human beings experience the healthy, innate cognitive dissonance arising from (1) the fact that one must have plans of choosing and options in order to be able to choose and (2) the fact that one does not have to have plans of choosing and options in order to be able to choose.  This cognitive dissonance normally cannot be removed except through one or more delusions, which can have negative consequences.  It can be removed through training in pneumiatry but, since it is harmless, people normally just learn to live with it.”
– Dr. Michael Bisconti

The Act of Choosing

“The act of choosing requires neither plans of choosing nor options.  This is because of the virtually surrealistic nature of certain elements of human, psychical experience.  These elements of human, psychical experience exemplify the vitalistic, not mechanistic, nature of the human psyche.”
– Dr. Michael Bisconti