{FD} Teen found dismembered in Texas creek was stepdaughter of doctor arrested on federal drug charges

The dismembered body of a 17-year-old Texas girl, who had been tortured prior to her murder, was found floating in a creek -- just days after her stepfather was arrested on federal drug conspiracy charges related to numerous overdose deaths.

{FD} NJ doctor charged in drug ring wrote thousands of bogus opioid prescriptions

New Jersey authorities arrested an Essex County physician for allegedly writing fraudulent prescriptions for tens of thousands of painkillers as part of a drug dealing ring.

{FD} Opioid crisis: ‘We are very much at war here,’ NJ attorney general says

At a lab in New Jersey, the pressure is on to identify those substances and find another piece to the ever-changing puzzle of the killer epidemic in time to save lives by putting out warnings to the public, and giving law enforcement the data to trace the drugs to a dealer, and possibly his or her source.