{FD} Ohio teacher on leave over Snapchat complaint about prom expenses

A suburban Cleveland teacher has been put on paid leave over a social media post that appeared to criticize the expense of some students' prom arrangements in contrast with not having "enough money for school supplies or passing grades."

{FD} Ohio murder mystery: Member of Rhoden family charged with destroying evidence in massacre probe

In a major development in the year-long murder mystery of the Rhoden family, authorities have charged a family member with tampering with evidence, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine announced Tuesday afternoon, marking the first arrest in the investigation.

{FD} Wisconsin fugitive Joseph Jakubowski pleads not guilty to federal charges

Joseph Jakubowski was arraigned in federal court on Tuesday morning, April 25th, and he pleaded not guilty to federal charges alleging he stole 18 firearms and two silencers from Armageddon Supplies in Janesville on April 4th, and for being a felon in possession of firearms. A federal trial date was set for September 25th. Jakubowski also appeared in court in Rock County Tuesday afternoon for his preliminary hearing on three state charges.

{FD} International marijuana holiday off to a smoking start

Beginning April 20, and continuing throughout the weekend (or until the snacks run out), swarms of so-called “stoners” will be gathering on grassy knolls, city streets and even the U.S. Capitol steps to celebrate the international marijuana holiday known as “4/20.” And while the yearly, pungent “protests” are often treated as sideshows, the issue of legalized cannabis - and the benefits it is providing to a variety of Americans - is growing too big to ignore.