{FD} Qatar’s ruler voices willingness to talk to solve Arab rift

Qatar's ruling emir said on Friday that his embattled Gulf nation remains open to dialogue with four Arab countries that have isolated it, but that any resolution to the crisis must respect his country's sovereignty.

{FD} Cairo upset over latest US travel warning to Egypt

Egypt has expressed "discontent" over the latest U.S. travel warning to the Mideast country, saying the notice makes a false distinction between terrorist groups and violent political organizations.

{FD} Trump administration letting Africa’s crises drift: Experts

When President Donald Trump left his chair at this month's G20 summit while Africa was discussed and had daughter Ivanka sit in for him, critics blasted it as a breach of diplomatic protocol.

{FD} Qatar crisis raises questions about defining terrorism

A diplomatic standoff between Qatar and other Arab nations that accuse it of sponsoring terrorism has turned a spotlight on an opaque network of charities and prominent figures freely operating in the tiny Gulf country.

{FD} Syrian military declares temporary cease-fire ahead of talks

A top Syrian official says the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons refused to visit key sites linked to a nerve gas attack, casting doubt on the international monitor's credibility.

{FD} Macron to meet West African leaders on new anti-terror force

France's president meets Sunday in Mali with heads of state from five nations across Africa's vast Sahel region to support a new 5,000-strong multinational force meant to counter a growing threat from extremists who have targeted tourist resorts and other high-profile areas.