God, Suffering, Seeming Arbitrariness (Seeming Randomness), Guiding Principle, and A Good God

“The answer to the question of God and suffering may appear to be arbitrary (random) but there is a guiding principle behind all of it – what must be true for God to be a good God and still be a God who sends suffering.”
– Dr. Michael Bisconti

Belief, God, Existence, and Suffering

“How can you believe in the existence of a God who sends suffering?  Click on page 2 below for the answer.”

Human Experience, Physical Matter, Constitution, Building Blocks, and Sort Incomparability

“Human experience, like physical matter, is made up of building blocks, though of an incomparable sort.”
– Dr. Michael Bisconti

A Living Being, Nature, Healing, and Caring

“The healing that occurs in nature proves that the creator of nature cares about what he creates and caring is not a machine characteristic; it is the characteristic of a living being.”
– Dr. Michael Bisconti

Supreme Entity, Demonstration, Vitalistic (Nonmechanistic) Characteristics, and God, Not a God Machine

“The demonstration of vitalistic, nonmechanistic, characteristics by the supreme entity proves that he is God, not a God machine.”
– Dr. Michael Bisconti

Experience, Human Heart, Love of God, Supreme Entity, and God, Not a God Machine

“The experience of the love of God in the human heart proves that the supreme entity is God, not a God machine.”
– Dr. Michael Bisconti