Dichotomists, Delusion, Mental, Physical, and Neiphynormal

what we call ‘physical activity.’  First, we know it is not mental.  However, is it really physical?  Physical things exist in space as objects, either macroscopic objects or microscopic objects.  We know that physical activity is not a macroscopic object since no one has every taken a picture of it.  Now, what about physical activity as a microscopic object?  The problem with that is that, if physical activity were a microscopic object, it would be transcendental (outside of human experience).  Of course, we all know that physical activity is not outside of human experience.  Therefore, physical activity is neither mental nor physical.  So, what is it then?  Well, because of the virtually universal blindness to the true nature of physical activity, there is no existing word for what we are referring to and, therefore, we will have to coin a word.  We have come up with ‘neiphynormal’ (pronounced ‘nay-fi-nor-mole’ and from the phrase ‘neither physical nor mental’).”
– Dr. Michael Bisconti