{FD} US watchdog offers bleak statistics for Afghan progress

A U.S. watchdog has issued a bleak report, its first to the Trump administration, saying the Afghan government controls barely half the country, its security forces numbers are declining and that drug production is on the rise while eradication is down.

{FD} At a Pyongyang car dealership, only the logos are local

Salespeople at Pyongyang’s premier car dealership wait patiently beside racks of glossy brochures in a showroom filled with that unmistakable new car smell from a couple dozen Whistle sedans and Cuckoo SUVs — all bearing the distinctive, double-pigeon logo of Pyonghwa Motors, North Korea’s only passenger car company.

{FD} 20 ‘Vetted’ Muslim Refugees Who Turned to Terrorism After Being Allowed Into America

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Put this into context: there has been no refugee Buddhists, Christians, Jews who turned to terrorism after being permitted entry into the United States. And that is pretty remarkable. If terrorism is a human issue and not a Muslim issue, figures would speak otherwise. The list of refugee terrorists unfortunately…