{FD} Watchdog: Tight security hinders oversight of US Afghan aid

The U.S. watchdog tasked with overseeing the spending of billions of U.S. dollars in aid to Afghanistan said unprecedented restrictions on the movement of American government employees is sending a dangerous message to Afghan people and hinder the U.S. work in the country.

{FD} UK: Muslim girl stuffed in a freezer after brutal raped and murder ‘for honour’

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Celine Dookhran: Tributes for young Muslim woman ‘who had throat slit in suspected honour killing’ ‘There is nothing honourable about murdering and raping a young girl for being in love’ Rachel Roberts, The Independent Thursday 27 July 2017 16:49 BST The 20-year-old was described as ‘talented and loving’ by family members. Tributes have poured in … Continue reading