{FD} Saudi, Lebanon diplomats caught in diplomatic tussle

Lebanon’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia and his Saudi counterpart are caught in what appears to be a diplomatic tussle over representation, with each country delaying accreditation of the other’s diplomat, though both were named months ago.

{FD} After IS collapse, Syria government faces US-backed Kurds

With the fall of the Islamic State group’s last significant stronghold in Syria, Iranian and Russian-backed Syrian troops now turn to face off with their main rival, the U.S.-backed forces holding large oil fields and strategic territory in the country’s north and east.

{FD} Seeking a dream, Indonesian family finds nightmare in Raqqa

The 17-year old Indonesian girl made a persuasive case to her family: lured by what she had read online, she told her parents, sisters, aunts, uncles and cousins they should all move to Syria to join the Islamic State group.

{FD} A fraction of Mosul, Syria’s Raqqa no less challenging

A month into the battle to capture the Islamic State group’s self-styled capital, U.S-backed Syrian forces have encircled the militants inside Raqqa, breached their fortified defenses and inched closer to the heart of the city.

{FD} In Syria’s Raqqa, Old City wall a testament to glorious days

The Old City wall of Syria’s Raqqa that was the scene of intense fighting Tuesday in the battle against the Islamic State group was once a testimony of the golden age of Islamic civilization, when the city on the banks of the Euphrates River was the capital of the famed caliph Harun al-Rashid.

{FD} Lebanese ministry calls for ban of Wonder Woman movie

Lebanon’s ministry of economy is seeking to ban the 2017 Wonder Woman movie because its lead actress — Gal Gadot — is an Israeli, though a formal request for a ban has not yet been received, a Lebanese security official said Tuesday.