Proof Climate Changers Are Lying – Polar Volcanoes

Here is probably the biggest proof that climate changers are lying:

The climate changers have said that the climate was causing polar ice cap melting. However, we now know from NASA that the HEAT FROM UNDERWATER VOLCANOES is responsible for polar ice cap melting. See the article “NASA Discovers Mantle Plume….” If their page is unavailable, see our archived copy of their page at Other Websites Archive/NASA Discovers Mantle Plume….. Be aware that the article, in spite of its scientific data and scientific fact, contains powerful climate change propaganda.

The Truth About the Climate Change Demon

Does climate change occur?  Yes.

However, here’s the rub (the problem):

Climate change fanatics say that climate change disasters will occur in 50 years unless we do something now.

That is insane!  Here is what all climate change scientists say:

Climate change disasters will occur in ten thousand years unless we do something now.

So, the fanatics follow a fantasy timeline and the scientists follow a scientific timeline.  Now, why is the timeline important?

If we follow the fantasy timeline, 50 million (50,000,000) more American jobs will be destroyed.  However, if we follow the scientific timeline, 75 million (75,000,000) more American jobs will be created.


The Democrats follow the fantasy timeline that will destroy 50 million jobs.  Republicans, on the other hand, follow the scientific timeline that will create 75 million jobs.


The fantasy timeline requires new (job-killing) climate laws next year.  The scientific timeline requires new climate laws one hundred years from now.

One more thing:

Our lastest data, via Collosus and our College of Meterology (Weather), tells us that there is only a 35% chance  that the accepted climate change outlook will occur.  In plain English, 80% of climatologists (climate scientists) are stupid morons.