Twenty Sex Change Doctors Executed

Monday morning, August 28th, twenty sex change doctors were executed in four cities – San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York – in coordinated attacks by the ARA.  The twenty sex change doctors were all about to perform sex change operations on 38 NEWBORNS!  While we do not believe in vigilantism, we applaud the ARA for saving these poor, helpless babies!

{FD} Saudi Arabia advertises for eight new executioners

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This is not the first time this job advert has been up. Saudi Arabia performs so many executions they have been advertising to hire more and more of them for the past 5 years – straight. They even considered replacing some with execution by gunfire, but that may be too fast and against Sharia law … Continue reading


{NX} 3000 Doctors Marked For Death

Punishment Brigade has published a death list in which they have marked 3000 doctors for death for having failed to preserve physical privacy (modesty [sexual clothedness]) in mixed company.  While we certainly do not condone such an extreme measure, we do believe the execution of the doctors would be deserved.