Mind-Brain Relationships

“The mind cannot be damaged.  The brain can be damaged.  The brain is powerless to do anything to the mind.  The mind is powerless to do anything to the brain.  However, the brain is a virtual mediator between the mind and the world.  If the brain is injured, it, in effect, loses some ability to mediate.  This means the mind cannot get correct or fully correct input from the world and the mind cannot give correct or fully correct output to the world.  However, there is a healing system governing the brain that tends to correct this situation.  This healing system tends to restore a virtual backup of the brain.  My experience with brain injury patients proves this to be the case.  That is, they tend to normalize over time.  However, the virtual backup of the brain can, itself, be damaged.  In this case, restoration can only proceed so far.  However, it is possible for people to defy the odds and recover completely.  My experience with brain injury patients proves this to be the case.”
– Dr. Michael Bisconti

The Foundations of Science and Subobjective Reality (Virtual Objective Reality)

“All of the foundations of science exist in the HEX (human experience) domains – the intellect, the sensorium, and the neiphynormium.  Therefore, none of the foundations of science constitute a part or all of objective reality, though they do constitute a part of ‘subobjective reality,’ virtual objective reality.”
– Dr. Michael Bisconti

Human Experience, Physical Matter, Constitution, Building Blocks, and Sort Incomparability

“Human experience, like physical matter, is made up of building blocks, though of an incomparable sort.”
– Dr. Michael Bisconti

Experience, Human Heart, Love of God, Supreme Entity, and God, Not a God Machine

“The experience of the love of God in the human heart proves that the supreme entity is God, not a God machine.”
– Dr. Michael Bisconti

Dichotomists, Delusion, Mental, Physical, and Neiphynormal

“This post may blow your mind.  Prepare yourself.  A dichotomist is a person who has the delusion that everything is either mental or physical.  This is easily proven.  Consider…