{FD} North Korea’s nuclear test site aftershocks are ‘relaxation events’ caused by nuke test, analysts say

North Korea’s sixth nuclear test caused a series of aftershocks called “relaxation events” after the blast moved the “earth’s crust around” and caused stress on the region, analysts said after two earthquakes were detected in the region over the weekend.

{FD} North Korea: War an ‘established fact’ due to Trump’s ‘confrontational warmongering’

An “outbreak of war” on the Korean peninsula is “an established fact,” North Korea said Wednesday, issuing its most stark assessment of the current crisis after Pyongyang’s recent intercontinental ballistic missile test and the ongoing joint military exercise between the United States and South Korea.

{FD} More North Korean ‘ghost ships’ washing up on Japan’s coast due to food shortage, sanctions, analysts say

The surge of North Korean “ghost ships” washing up long Japan’s coast in recent weeks — including some crafts filled with skeletal remains — is due to the Hermit Kingdom’s severe food shortages and the result of mounting sanctions against Kim Jong Un, analysts sad Tuesday.