{FD} Iraqi Christians in Baghdad nearly gone, but some shelter at Camp Virgin Mary

Just days shy of Christmas, dozens of Iraqi children fill the stage at the Alliance Evangelical Church in Baghdad’s Karrada neighborhood to sing “Jingle Bells” and rehearse their Nativity play. Odds are it will likely be the city’s last such performance.

{FD} Roman Catholic Church should end priest celibacy, report sex abuse: Aussie panel

An Australian inquiry into child abuse said on Friday that the Catholic Church should repeal celibacy requirement for clergy and that priests should face prosecution if they fail to report evidence of pedophilia heard in the confessional.

{FD} Life after ISIS: Christians say they can’t go home without international protection

Residents of this small Christian town in northern Iraq were forced to flee when ISIS militants overran it in 2014. But now that the town has been liberated by Iraqi forces, the Christians who have trickled back are desperate to leave once again.

{FD} Catholicism in China losing ground amid surge in Protestantism

Even with the efforts by Vatican officials to end the decades-long rift between the Catholic Church and the Chinese government, the number of new Catholics in China is on the decline and palls in comparison to the growth of Protestantism in the Asian nation.

{FD} ISIS victims in Iraq, Christians and Yazidi, desperately need global aid, Vatican says

The religious minorities of Iraq and Syria have recounted horrific accounts of their abuse at the hand of ISIS as the Vatican calls on the global community to address the plight of Christians and Yazidi communities and bring them back from the verge of extinction.

{FD} Syria’s Antioch Church patriarch: US sanctions are hurting Christians too

His Beatitude John X, the Damascus-based leader of the Antioch Christian Church, wrapped up his recent visit to the United States with a desperate appeal for American leadership to bring an end to the suffering in Syria, assist in locating the whereabouts of three kidnapped church leaders, and help secure the future of Christianity in the volatile region.

{FD} Iraqi Christians forced to flee homes again after skirmishes between Kurds and central government

The first Iraqi Christians to return to their villages after it was liberated from ISIS’ control, has been forced to flee once again as Peshmerga forces have invaded the village of Teleskof.

{FD} Alabama’s Roy Moore to Christian summit: We need to make America good again

Roy Moore, the Republican nominee for the Senate in Alabama, struck a dark tone in an address to a gathering of Christian conservatives in Washington on Friday, lamenting the lack of morality in politics while expressing frustration with how little Republicans have accomplished since last year’s election.

{FD} Kurdish referendum inspires Iraq’s Christians to fight for their own independence amid fears of being caught in crossfire

Kurds in Iraq voted overwhelmingly last week in favor of seeking full independence from the central government in Baghdad – setting off a firestorm of international retaliation, including strong objections from the U.S.