{NX} How Islam Stunts (Hinders) The Development Of The Human Intellect

Islam stunts (hinders) the development of the human intellect because its so-called "holy book" provides only simplistic, childish, and often abhorrent ideas about life and how to treat other human beings. Keep women ignorant. Amputate this limb. Torture that guy. Kill this guy. No wonder Islam has never advanced. By the way, the so-called "Golden Age of Islam" has now been debunked. There never was a "Golden Age of Islam."

Original article: {NX} How Islam Stunts (Hinders) The Development Of The Human Intellect

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Normal Mental Experience

“Normal mental experience may involve some seemingly surrealistic (strange-combination) content.  It is not actually surrealistic.  It is just that the human intellect must use surrealistic proxies (substitutes) for ideas that are beyond complete, human understanding.”
– Dr. Michael Bisconti