The Palestinians Have No Right to Exist!

The Palestinians have no right to exist. Here is why:

1947 There are no Palestinians.
1948 The Jewish people return to their country from all over the world, in huge numbers.
1949 Muslims invade the country of the Jewish people, which is called “Israel.”
1950 The Muslim invaders lie to the world, telling the world that they were there before the Jewish people and telling the world the Muslim invaders have always been called “Palestinians.”

{FD} Socialist lunacy: Sweden plans to ‘recognise’ Caliphate terrorist state Palestine

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Stefan Löfven made the announcement to parliament on his first day in office Jonas Ekstromer/Getty Images   Charles Bremner Published at 12:01AM, October 4 2014, The Times Sweden has become the first EU member to say that it will recognise a Palestinian state — a move previously opposed by the United States and most European … Continue reading