Why Does God Sometimes Do Insane Things?

In order to understand this article, you need to understand the concepts of life hallucination and paradoxical drama. See our other articles on these subjects but mainly our article Why Is God Somewhat Stingy?

Now, first, God does not sometimes do insane things. That being said, we, paradoxically, ask, “Why does God sometimes do insane things?” The answer is:

God wants us to act as if (not really)…to act as if he is insane. So, how would you act if God were insane? You would have nothing to do with God in your outward expression. You would appear to others to be a secularist, someone who has nothing to do with God or the Bible or religion.

Why Atheists Are Stupid Morons Or The Impact Of Belief In God On Children

Atheists claim that belief in God has resulted in many evils throughout history. We’ve answered that nonsense elsewhere. Right now, we want to address an interesting and critical fact about belief in God. Throughout history, whenever children were taught belief in God:

99% of the time they turned out to be better adults compared to other times in history when children were not taught belief in God.