The Rationality of Human Suffering

“Is it necessarily rational to be angry with someone who causes human suffering?  No.  Why not?  Would you be angry with a being that sent paralyzing pain to someone who was about to kill a loved one?  No.  This reveals the real cause of our anger – a belief relating to human suffering, not human suffering itself.  The belief is that the human suffering is irrational and/or indicative of some other causal shortcoming.  Now, such beliefs are ultimately matters of judgment, not science.  Thus, the validity of such beliefs depends on whether the ‘judge,’ the one making the judgment, has a sound faculty to make judgments.  That, in turn, is established by a long track record of sound judgments.”
– Dr. Michael Bisconti

Belief, God, Existence, and Suffering

“How can you believe in the existence of a God who sends suffering?  Click on page 2 below for the answer.”

Perceptions, Objective Reality, Matter, Virtual Hypostatization, and Virtual Reification

Atheists unconsciously believe that perceptions are objective reality and, more specifically, matter. This is the result of virtual hypostatization and virtual reification, respectively.
– Dr. Michael Bisconti

Ideas, Objective Reality, Matter, Unconscious Hypostatization, and Unconscious Reification

Atheists unconsciously believe that ideas are objective reality and, more specifically, matter.  This is the result of unconscious hypostatization and unconscious reification, respectively.
– Dr. Michael Bisconti