Islamic Council’s Manifesto Smuggled Out Of Saudi Arabia

One of our contacts in Saudi Arabia was able to smuggle out of Saudi Arabia a copy of the “Global Islamic Manifesto” prepared by Saudi Arabia’s Islamic Council. Note the following excerpt:

We have made great inroads in winning over the American dupes. When the time comes we will show them whose God is the true God and make them the slaves of Allah.

Is Allah God?

If God likes murderers, Allah is God.

If God likes rapists, Allah is God.

If God hates women, Allah is God.

If God hates children, Allah is God.

If God likes pedophiles (child rapists), Allah is God.

If God likes torturers, Allah is God.

There are one thousand more lines to this article, which we will publish at a future time.

Why Does God Make You Believe That He Has Stabbed You In The Back?

Why does God make you believe that he has stabbed you in the back? The answer is so that:

You will be unable to refrain from cursing him.

But why would God want you to curse him? So that you see that:

Your confidence, courage, and boldness continue while you are cursing him.

What is the purpose of that? So that you see that:

Your confidence, courage, and boldness are not dependent on your belief in the goodness of God and/or on your faith in God and/or on any persuasion that results from those two things. And that you see that your confidence, courage, and boldness are infused into your soul (psyche) by God (the Holy Spirit of God) himself.

Why is that knowledge important? So that you see that:

You don’t need proof of anything to have confidence, courage, and boldness; specifically, proof of the existence of God, proof that God is good, proof that God is managing your life, proof that the Bible is the Word of God (collection of messages from God), proof that the King James Bible is the Word of God (collection of messages of God), proof of what is the will of God for you, and proofs of other things.

Why do you need to know all of that?

So that you spend less of your life seeking the proofs mentioned above and more of your life doing the good that God wants you to do.

Why Is God Somewhat Stingy?

Now, we can hear the uproar in certain communities at the idea that God is stingy to some degree. Well, that is because of their ignorance of the divinely ordained complexity of the human experience.

Now, is God somewhat stingy? In terms of fact, no. In terms of apparent fact, for some people, yes. Okay. So what is apparent fact? Apparent fact is belief resulting from unrecognized life hallucination. What is life hallucination?

An hallucination that comprises (makes up) a period of one’s life. Such a period of one’s life could last for seconds or minutes or hours or days or weeks or months or years.

So, why does God send these painful life hallucinations? Of course, with some people it is because of sin. But, with other people, good and decent people, it has a different purpose. That purpose is:

Paradoxical drama.

What is paradoxical drama?

Paradoxical drama is acting as if, though not really the case, God is defective in some way. In this case, it is acting as if, though not really the case, God is somewhat stingy.

How do you know that God wants you to engage in this paradoxical drama? If this were not true, God would truly be somewhat stingy.

So, how do you act as if God is somewhat stingy?

You plan your life accordingly. You say to yourself, “In effect, though not really, God is not going to provide me with everything I need. Therefore, I must save some resources – money, time, energy, property, food, clothing, shelter, etc. – for future use.”

God and Pain

“Technically, if God sent pain for no reason, that would not disprove his existence.  It would simply prove that God was a cruel God and/or, in one or more other ways, deficient.”
– Dr. Michael Bisconti

God, Suffering, Seeming Arbitrariness (Seeming Randomness), Guiding Principle, and A Good God

“The answer to the question of God and suffering may appear to be arbitrary (random) but there is a guiding principle behind all of it – what must be true for God to be a good God and still be a God who sends suffering.”
– Dr. Michael Bisconti

Belief, God, Existence, and Suffering

“How can you believe in the existence of a God who sends suffering?  Click on page 2 below for the answer.”

Supreme Entity, Demonstration, Vitalistic (Nonmechanistic) Characteristics, and God, Not a God Machine

“The demonstration of vitalistic, nonmechanistic, characteristics by the supreme entity proves that he is God, not a God machine.”
– Dr. Michael Bisconti

Experience, Human Heart, Love of God, Supreme Entity, and God, Not a God Machine

“The experience of the love of God in the human heart proves that the supreme entity is God, not a God machine.”
– Dr. Michael Bisconti

God and God Machine

“God is, in part, in effect,  a God machine – an unseen, supreme, ontological artificial intelligence – with consciousness, free will and omnipotence (ability to control anything and everything).”
– Dr. Michael Bisconti

Autonomic Mental Processes, Intelligent Processes, Intelligent Entities, Living Intelligence (God), and Ontological Artificial Intelligence (Created by God)

“Autonomic mental processes are intelligent processes that require the guidance of an intelligent entity – logically, either a living intelligence (God) or an ontological artificial intelligence (created by God).”
– Dr. Michael Bisconti