God works in different ways. He may work in your life differently than he does in ours. However, he probably works the same way in your life as he does in ours.

We believe in the existence of God (theism). We believe that God is involved in the affairs of humanity (the earthly lives of human beings) (providentialism). We believe that God creates the illusion that he is not involved in the affairs of humanity (virtual deism). We believe that God replaces divine assurance with special stamina in the lives of virtual deists. We believe that God replaces obvious providence with special luck in the lives of virtual deists.

We also believe in virtual reverse deism. Reverse deism is the delusion that God is too involved in our lives. Virtual reverse deism is:

The divinely created illusion of God’s excessive involvement in our lives.

This illusion tells us that God wants us to ignore inherently pointless suffering sent by him so that we appear (only appear, not actually) to be absolutely independent, even of God.

Emotion, Illusion, Cause, Pain, Perception, and Virtual Thought

“Emotion can seem to be due to pain since every perception, including pain, is a virtual thought.”
– Dr. Michael Bisconti

Evasion, Illusion, Misdirection, Deceit, Mental Illness, and Atheists

“Atheists avoid the inevitable conclusion of the existence of God by evasion and illusion.  In other words, misdirection and deceit.  Atheists are liars.  If this were not true, then, the situation for atheists would be even worse – they would be mental patients.”
– Dr. Michael Bisconti

Artificial Intelligence Does Not Exist

“The existence of an artificial intelligence is not an alternative explanation to that of the existence of God because artificial intelligence is a metaphorical concept, not a literal concept.  In other words, artificial intelligence is not intelligence and there is no such thing as intelligence that is artificial.  What we call ‘artificial intelligence’ is actually a computer running a program that imitates product of the use of intelligence.  In other words, what we call ‘artificial intelligence’ is an imitating-intelligence-use-product program computer.  Essentially, this is simply a computer that gives the illusion of having intelligence.  Thus, there is only one possible explanation for the facts in evidence – the existence of God.”
– Dr. Michael Bisconti