Directory: Departments: Frozen List

Directory: Departments: Frozen List

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Human Choice and Healthy Innate Cognitive Dissonance

“Human beings experience the healthy, innate cognitive dissonance arising from (1) the fact that one must have plans of choosing and options in order to be able to choose and (2) the fact that one does not have to have plans of choosing and options in order to be able to choose.  This cognitive dissonance normally cannot be removed except through one or more delusions, which can have negative consequences.  It can be removed through training in pneumiatry but, since it is harmless, people normally just learn to live with it.”
– Dr. Michael Bisconti

Psychocentrism, Supposed Infallibility of the Human Mind, and Mental Health Patients

“Atheists are psychocentric in their thinking.  They believe in the infallibility of the human mind.  Tell that to the millions of mental health patients.”
– Dr. Michael Bisconti