{FD} New issue in executions: Should the death chamber be silent?

The nation's first double execution in 16 years is raising a new issue involving transparency and the death penalty: Should witnesses be allowed to hear what goes on in the death chamber? A lawyer who watched Monday's executions in Arkansas says he saw an inmate open his mouth several times when it should have been still.

{FD} Tamir Rice lawyer releases videos ahead of officer hearings

An attorney for the family of Tamir Rice said Tuesday he provided videotaped interviews of the two white officers involved in the fatal shooting of the 12-year-old black boy to news organizations to show inconsistencies in the officers' statements as the city ponders whether to discipline or even fire them.

{FD} Wisconsin fugitive Joseph Jakubowski pleads not guilty to federal charges

Joseph Jakubowski was arraigned in federal court on Tuesday morning, April 25th, and he pleaded not guilty to federal charges alleging he stole 18 firearms and two silencers from Armageddon Supplies in Janesville on April 4th, and for being a felon in possession of firearms. A federal trial date was set for September 25th. Jakubowski also appeared in court in Rock County Tuesday afternoon for his preliminary hearing on three state charges.

{FD} Venezuelan authorities rely on arbitrary arrests, jailing, to silence critics, says Amnesty International

Venezuelan authorities are increasingly rounding up and even torturing innocent people in a brutal crackdown on complaints about the government and deteriorating living conditions in the beleaguered nation, according to a new report by Amnesty International released Wednesday.